For the people


Your career at Schrack Seconet.

S opens up
new perspectives.

In the team. For you. For all.

Fostering individual strengths and talents — this is what characterises every department at Schrack Seconet. Because only through this can we as a team grow and collectively realise our potential. With shared values and an appreciation for diversity, we shape the future. Together. Are you in?

Flexible working hours
Your productivity matters to us, not the clock – that's flexible working hours done right.
Work from Home Option
Working comfortably from home? It's part of our everyday work life too.
Attractive Working Environment
Modern offices, communication zones, and a culture of camaraderie – that's how we make work enjoyable.
Further Education & Coaching
Ready to level up? We support you in your professional growth.
Employee Events
We offer the full experience: summer festivals, Christmas celebrations, and more.
Company Pension Plan
Together, we ensure your financial security during the quieter years.

Here, you matter.

Our guiding principles are based on appreciation and the unfolding of individual talents.

At Schrack Seconet, we are aware that our dedicated employees are the driving force behind our sustainable success and strong collaboration. This conviction is reflected in our corporate culture, where respect, teamwork, and the pursuit of common goals take center stage.

Knowing what gets you aheaed.

That makes the difference.

  • How do I apply to Schrack Seconet?

    You can apply directly here via the website, please use the button provided or the link below to the application form.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions about my application?

    Please send us your questions or concerns directly by e-mail to If you have already received a message from us after receiving your application, you will also find personal contact information.

  • Is it possible to do a holiday work placement at Schrack Seconet and how do I apply for it?

    We are happy to give holiday work trainees the opportunity to gain professional experience in our company. You can apply directly here via the website, please use the button provided or the link below to the application form.

  • Which documents are necessary for my application?

    In order to be able to process your application directly after receipt, please send us your curriculum vitae with photo, your certificates and a covering letter.

  • When will I receive initial information after my application and what happens next?

    You will immediately receive an automatic e-mail confirming the receipt of your application. This will then be forwarded to the responsible department. After checking your documents, you will be informed whether you will be considered in the further application process and, if necessary, we will contact you to arrange a personal interview.